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Embracing A Concrete Desert

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'I wish I could say that I have arrived and will never have to stare into the darkness again, but I know that isn't so. I do know, though, that I have to embrace the present moment and celebrate life whatever that may involve today. My Creator is alive within and throughout this amazing world, and has never failed, through thick and thin, to wrap me in wings of protection and comfort. There are many layers of negativity to be peeled back so that a glimpse of God's image can show through. Just as one layer is lifting, another appears to take its place. That's where grace comes in. In desperate times, God dishes it out lavishly, like my grandma's generous servings of homemade strawberry shortcake...' This is the story of an unfinished journey - a journey that finds a path through pain leading to healing and celebration. It is the story of one woman choosing to seek wholeness despite heartache, serenity in the midst of struggling to adapt to a very different life, and discovering how in the driest of desert places God can reveal fresh water springs for the soul. It is a story shared through lyrical reflections and poems sparked by the ups and downs of life in a teeming Middle Eastern metropolis. Endorsements for this title come from Philip Yancey and Eugene Peterson

Embracing God's Grace

RRP $19.99

As the latest book in bestselling author Elizabeth George's popular A Woman After God's Own HeartA(R) Bible study series (550,000 copies sold ), "Embracing God's Grace" focuses on Colossians and Philemon, helping readers strengthen their faith by discovering more about God and His principles.

Working through 25 lessons, readers will better understand who Christ is and who they are in Him. They'll be encouraged to embrace His life in all its fullness and... put away their sin natures develop compassion, kindness, peace, and other fruit of the Spirit draw on Paul's dedication and zeal to live fully for Christ employ the keys to recognizing and avoiding false teachings know and accept the amazing grace and forgiveness God offers

This uplifting and stimulating study helps readers know more about their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and how they can live and share His love, wisdom, and teachings.

Embracing The Ivory Tower And Stained Glass Windows 2016

RRP $354.99

This book brings together contributions from scholars from Europe and the United States to honor the theological work of Antje Jackelen, the first female Archbishop of the Church of Sweden. In Archbishop Antje Jackelen's installation homily, she identifies the strength of the Church as a "global network of prayer threads." This bookis an honorary and celebratory volume providing a "global network of prayerful essays" by contributors from a variety of academic disciplines to creatively engage, reflect, and illuminate the theological work of Archbishop Jackelen. Prior to her tenure in the Church of Sweden as Bishop of the Diocese of Lund and now the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden, Jackelen served as professor of Systematic Theology, Director of the Zygon Center and President of European Society for the Study of Science and Religion (ESSSAT). While each essay intentionally embraces the theological and ministerial work of Jackelen during her academic tenure, they also venture into areas as diverse as climate change, media studies, human uniqueness, hermeneutics, time, ethics, Christian theological tradition and history, traumatology, politics and society. As the first diverse explication of the theological thinking of Archbishop Jackelen by her theological colleagues, this text provides scholars with an expansion of the scope of Archbishop Jackelen's theological thinking and initiates laity into the impact of Jackelen thinking that combines with grace and precision

the traditions of the Church, the challenges and gifts of the sciences, and the needs and longings of society and the world.


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