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Maddy Becomes A Ponygirl

RRP $19.99

Madeline Bernham, a 22 year old American beauty, is kidnapped by cruel and callous slavers and exported to the former Soviet Republic of Kalikastan. There she is converted into a ponygirl and condemned to satisfy the carnal desires of her captors. More importantly, deprived of all human rights, she begins her training to become an unwilling participant in the Kalikastani national sport, ponygirl racing. Hooded and gagged, her arms bound behind her, forever forbidden speech, Maddy struggles to cope with her new life as a mere beast subject to the whips and whims of her masters. Adult fiction. BDSM.

The Horseshoe Trilogy: Joe And The Lightning Pony

RRP $12.99

Joe rides to victory with a pony called Lightning in the second in this fantastic new trilogy of
horse stories

Joe is delighted that his pony, Lightning, is skilled at mounted games. The two of them make a great pair and Joe can't wait for them to try out for the Prince Phillip Cup team. There's just one problem-Lightning seems quite small now that Joe is growing so fast. What will he do when he's too big to ride her? And what will happen to Lightning if she is sold?

A Pony Named Peanut

RRP $9.99

Jessica's mother has sent her to spend the summer with her aunt and uncle in the country. Jessica doesn't think that living on a farm, far from a city, will be any fun at all. At first, she hates life in the country, but then she meets a special pony that has been rescued from an animal shelter. Slowly, she begins to think that this summer might not be so bad after all. Now, if only that boy, Max, would stop making fun of her . . .


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