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Japan And National Anthropology

RRP $619.99

"Japan and National Anthropology: A Critique" is an empirically rich and theoretically sophisticated study which challenges the conventional view of Japanese studies in general and Anglophone anthropological writings on Japan in particular. Sonia Ryang explores the process by which the post-war anthropology of Japan has come to be dominated by certain conceptual and methodological approaches and exposes the extent to which this process has occluded our view of Japan.
In an attempt to move away from theoretical trends which identify Japanese cultural boundaries with Japan's nation-state boundaries, consequentially portraying the country as racially homogenous and culturally unique, Ryang examines:
* How wartime enemy studies shaped the direction of post war anthropology
* The historical effects and significance of "Chrysanthemum and the Sword"
* Key texts from the Anthropology enquiry that started within the US military occupation of Japan (1945-1952)
* Japanese kinship and its relationship to the study of Japan as a nation
* The origins and development of the Japanese self.
This book will be welcomed by all students of Japanese Anthropology and Japanese history. Its historical breadth and criticism of existing approaches provides a fresh and reasoned insight into the development and future of anthropology in Japan.

A Graphic Apology For Symmetry And Implicitness

RRP $160.00

This book brings into focus the contrast between explicit and implicit algorithmic descriptions of objects and presents a new geometric language for the study of combinatorial and logical problems in complexity theory. These themes are considered in a variety of settings, sometimes crossing traditional boundaries. Special emphasis is given to moderate complexity - exponential or polynomial - but objects with multi-exponential complexity also fit in. Among the items under consideration are graphs, formal proofs, languages, automata, groups, circuits, some connections with geometry of metric spaces, and complexity classes (P, NP, co-NP).

Topology And Its Applications

RRP $313.99

<b>Discover a unique and modern treatment of topology employing a cross-disciplinary approach</b> <p> Implemented recently to understand diverse topics, such as cell biology, superconductors, and robot motion, topology has been transformed from a theoretical field that highlights mathematical theory to a subject that plays a growing role in nearly all fields of scientific investigation. Moving from the concrete to the abstract, Topology and Its Applications displays both the beauty and utility of topology, first presenting the essentials of topology followed by its emerging role within the new frontiers in research. <p> Filling a gap between the teaching of topology and its modern uses in real-world phenomena, Topology and Its Applications is organized around the mathematical theory of topology, a framework of rigorous theorems, and clear, elegant proofs. <p> This book is the first of its kind to present applications in computer graphics, economics, dynamical systems, condensed matter physics, biology, robotics, chemistry, cosmology, material science, computational topology, and population modeling, as well as other areas of science and engineering. Many of these applications are presented in optional sections, allowing an instructor to customize the presentation. <p> The author presents a diversity of topological areas, including point-set topology, geometric topology, differential topology, and algebraic/combinatorial topology. Topics within these areas include: <ul> <li>Open sets <li>Compactness <li>Homotopy <li>Surface classification <li>Index theory on surfaces <li>Manifolds and complexes <li>Topological groups <li>The fundamental group and homology </ul> <p> Special "core intuition" segments throughout the book briefly explain the basic intuition essential to understanding several topics. A generous number of figures and examples, many of which come from applications such as liquid crystals, space probe data, and computer graphics, are all available from the publisher's Web site.


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