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A Tale Of Two Horses

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Being a thoroughbred chestnut mare Gypsy had the expected characteristics of one. Erratic theatrical were only 2 of her facets. She was the matriarch to all horses. Very intelligent quick to learn and a good teacher to young horses. Surprisingly would accept help if hurt if she trusted you. She loved speed and jumping but the change of life after motherhood didn't upset her. Whoever originally broke her did a marvelous job. Her counterpart. Solo, was an attractive coloured pony, who when a foal resembled a Hereford calf. Something went very wrong in nthe gene department. He was cheeky and into everything. He, like Gypsy was intelligent and quick to learn and a good teacher to young horses. The ones he met who were bigger soon learnt who was higher in the pecking order. He loved his grub and put on weight easily. He adored Gypsy who treated him as her first foal. Such a love and great fun but a bit naughty.

17 Natural Solutions For Nervous Horses

RRP $13.99

If your horse is nervous, anxious, high-energy, or otherwise difficult to handle because of temperament, history, physical pain, injury, or any other reason, then this book is for you and your horse. This book offers 17 natural solutions that you can easily use to ease, soothe, reassure, and generally calm your nervous or anxious horse. These natural solutions include bodywork, nutrition, homeopathic, flower essences, herbs, management, and more. The goal of this book is to give you insight into how your nervous or anxious horse sees the world, and how these natural solutions can ease his or her anxiety. These solutions are simple and easy to implement, and they are grounded in 25 years of use on these types of horses. You and your horse will amaze yourselves.

Knowing Horses By Heart

RRP $66.99

For as long as Barbara Hutson could remember, she dreamed of having a horse farm and of surrounding herself daily with these magical, mystical, and majestic creatures. Suddenly, she found herself living her lifelong dream. In Knowing Horses by Heart, she talks about the joys and challenges of owning horses. Her poems consider the life lessons she has learned-such as the value of patience and respect-while considering how worthwhile owning horses has been for her.

Like most fantasies, the reality of our fondest wishes can be a bit more than we bargained for. Owning a horse farm is not all serene days gazing at horses playing in the field or peaceful rides into the sunsets. Horses are bigger than life. With that comes events that are also tremendous in size and impact which lends richness and color to the fabric of our life story. Fully illustrated, Knowing Horses by Heart shares through poetry some of the knowledge Barbara has accumulated through her equine encounters.

Little Girl Giggles

"The gift is sweeter than that very first kiss

Seeing those looks of sheer wonder and bliss

There is nothing quite like watching the eyes

Of a child as she squeals with excited cries

As the magic of real horses fills up the space

The look of pure amazement covers her face ..."


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