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The Wonderful World Of Horses

RRP $18.99

Horses take hold of our imaginations when they gallop across the plains whinnying into the wind. But most of all, horses capture our hearts. And it's said they've done more to change human history than any other domestic animal.

Colouring For Adults Horses For Adults

RRP $13.99

A lovely book on horses for adults to colour. this A4 book contains 53 images for you to colour and unwind. a great de-stressor.

Gentle Training Your Horse - Book 1-building A Lasting Two-way Trust

RRP $12.99

Gentle Training Your Horse is a series of books intended for the beginning through the advanced horse trainer. The series is broken out into separate books, taking the training step by step, from the very beginning of bonding, all the way through saddle training and riding. The methods outlined in my books are for training all types and ages of horses. The only method I will use is the "gentle training" method. I truly believe this is the very best way to train a horse - any horse. It doesn't matter how young or old your horse is. It doesn't matter if your horse is totally domestic or freshly removed from the wild, free range. If you want to train your horse to be the best companion, and the most reliable mount you ever had, my series of books is for you. Follow my series of books and in no time at all, you will learn the easiest, best method to gentle train your horse. You will start from the beginning, learning how to bond with your horse and build a lasting, two-way trust. With a genuine trust between you and your horse, you will be able to breeze through each step of training with no problems. When your horse trusts you, he will quickly learn each new step that you teach him. He will not shy away from you; he will not fight you. He will believe that you will not ask him to do anything that will harm him. So let's get started and build that lasting two-way trust!


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